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Our Popular Methods

Steeped in robust, immersive learning, lecture-based as well as intuitive,  responsive, and collaborative instruction, these programs are unique, affordable and offer lasting results. The foundation of stems from IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology/relational neuroscience) Strengths-based Development, Brand-Centered Sustainability™, and Resilience-building.

Online Learning

In-person and Hybrid Training

BCC Approved Certification and CEU programs

Immersive. Inspiring.
Training that works for you!

Train WHEN your want, WHERE you want. Many of our courses are self-paced, and on-demand.

Reading Material

Many lessons are on screen and can be printed out or saved to your device.  Lots of additional materials. 

Support & Feedback

Feedback, support and personalized approach. Instructors respond 23 – 36 hours for online courses.

Inspirational Stories

Programs include theories, evidence-based models, case studies and motivating content. 

Certified Instructors

Most instructors are certified in coaching along with other areas such as: conflict management, crisis communication, nonprofit consulting & more.  The Founder is a Board-Certifed Coach and currently interacts with all training participants. 

Providing innovative, affordable coach training.

Jessi LaCosta, BCC

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Tansform yourself while learning to help others do the same.

It’s time to dream big and discover your calling

Scope of Our Services

As the founder (and a Social Entrepreneur), I have dreamed for many years of ways to engage like-minded professionals in order to make deep impact on the community we live in, which I often refer to as “Sage Solutions for Social Impact.”

In 2004, I began BlueRio offering coaching, training, and consulting. Eventually, the company branched out into coach certification training that had a social impact element. Our flagship program focused on the reintegration and transition of US military veterans into the civilian sector. Then with the support of many, we moved into transformational leadership, and resilience in general under the name of the BlueRio Institute. We have also offered onsite training and consulting, coaching for coaches, as well as thought leadership speaking engagements.


Our graduates are trained in many areas of coaching including leadership, military transition, tramformation, resilience, family dynamics and more!

Find a BlueRio Coach in our directory.

Online Courses

Most of our online courses are self-paced coach training programs Many are CCE, BCC approved, and even as they are “on demand” they often offer access to faculty.


Offering coach certification – 30, 36, 60, 120 hours. Currently ALL Coach Certification programs are BCC-Approved.


Consulting in areas of strategic planning, resilience, culture alignment and talent optimization mostly handled by the founder and contributing partners.  Learn more at our parent site. BlueRio Strategies.

Onsite and Hybrid

Delivering onsite workshops and training as well as hybrid solutions for coach training that combine virtual and in-person learning.

Thought Leadership & Impact Projects

We examine potential paradigm shifts in personal and professional development, develop new models and commit to impact projects in our community.

  Access to the Founder –  Jessi LaCosta

Because of technology, we can offer so many virtual options for many time-zones.  Still, we know how important it is to collaborate, learn from and connect with others.  So most of our courses have discusssion boards and other ways to intereact with peers. Graduates often act as mentors. AND many of our courses are taught by the founder and most certification programs include additional 1:1 sessions with LaCosta.


Dr. Destinee Prete

Dr. Destinee Prete

“I am truly humbled by Jessi’s gratitude and knowledge as a coach and coaching instructor. She wholeheartedly shows compassion and unwavering knowledge and gives truth to the meaning of empathy and strength. She’s a true guide and mentor. Jessi goes exceedingly far beyond her job description and gives 1000% to each of her students and clients. I have honestly never come across someone who is so real and earnest yet so professional. Jessi is the epitome of a true leader, professional, and coach. I highly recommend Jessi as a coach and coaching instructor. She will far exceed all expectations. She truly cares about every individual and it shows.”