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“Dedicated, Partners, Curious & Intent”

Just some of the words to describe BlueRio’s approach. 

A dream that arrived.

BlueRio Strategies, LLC has its main purpose to transform communities, organizations, and individuals through innovative personal and professional development. It also aims to make a social impact effort through research & development, low-fee and no fee services to community partners and individuals in need. 

The Institute is the educational arm of BlueRio Strategies, LLC. Most services are offered as training, retreats, thought-leadership and impact-based projects. 

The methods used are based on 20+ years of experience in communication theory, organization development, marketing/branding, facilitation, coaching methodologies and the cross-section of the relationships and brain/mind science. (Interpersonal Neurobiology.) One of the main premises underscoring most of the development work is Brand-Centered Sustainability™.

BlueRio partners with other experts and emerging thought-leaders.


Why Learn With Us?


Established for 18+ years

Initially under the Founding Company, we have offered group training to the public since 2004 and coach training since 2010.


Serving Nationwide and some International

Our online programs are accessible anywhere with an internet connection. (Currently only offered in English.)


CCE - BCC Approved Training

Most of our coach training programs are BCC-Approved – for those who wish to earn the additional Board-Certified Coach Credential.


Personalized, Reflective Teaching

Whether you enroll in a live, in-person workshop or a virtual self-paced program, we will respond to your needs in a way that is personal and collaborative.  With our online programs, an instructor reviews your posts and assignments and offers individual feedback. This is NOT a computer or AI instruction. 

About the Founder

LaCosta, CCE Board Certified Coach, is passionate about integrated branding, transformational leadership, resilience and sustainable growth for communities, organizations and individuals. Her education in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), which is based in more than 13 scientific disciplines, including neuroscience, sociology and biology, has equipped LaCosta with a deepened insight into managing crisis and conflict along with developing people to their fullest potential. She was one of the first in the United States to use IPNB along with brand development and coaching to build businesses and improve upon leadership processes.

Known for “laser-like focusing” on issues, ground-breaking programs and always with a compassionate and creative approach, she is very skilled in helping others find clarity in their situations. In addition to her consulting and coaching, LaCosta is an experienced trainer and often considered a Sage of Soft Skills. She is a sought-after speaker on issues such as branding, resilience, and career transitions and is a highly desired educator of professional coaches.

Additionally, as an assault survivor, she is often invited to present and write on the topics of overcoming adversity, conflict resolution and empowerment. LaCosta works with a wide array of clients including but not limited to:  scientists, healthcare professionals, nonprofit leaders, CEOS, Federal Agencies, government executives, military veterans and small business owners.