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Continuing Education for Coaches.


Most of our current courses are designed to meet the Center for Credentialing & Education’s BCC Requirements.  Every CCE-Board Certified Coach must earn 70 CEs (CEUs) in a five-year period. Also for those with specialties, hours must reflect that.  BlueRio’s Founder is a BCC and offers courses that align with the core competencies, including Ethics and at an affordable rate. In the future BlueRio will also offer ICF CE programs.

Due to the content and additional tools, programs are not always priced the same per contact hour. However, as a rule of thumb, most of our full certification courses are priced between $35 – $50 per hour and most of our continuing education courses for BCCs are priced between $15 – $25 per training hour. (As of June 2022 – BCCs may enroll in a full coach certification and count those hours as CEs… they cannot take a course they used for their initial certification.)

The purchasing system used will take you through 3 steps. Right before finalizing your purchase, you will see an option to pay securely with a credit card OR by using Pay Pal. It will be your choice as to your payment method.  At this time we do not accept checks.

MORE CE Courses Offered in LATE FALL/WINTER.  Currently, the topics that have been available are:


  • Coaching Through Acceptance™ – paused
  • Self-Paced Ethics for BCCs  – 5 CEUS 
  • Individual & Family Dynamics (OPEN)
  • Lead & Thrive 

While not all our courses have the new refund policy, most will.  Most courses allow you to enroll and explore for 14 days, download/read what you want and if you decide it is not a fit, you may ask for a refund, minus the small registration fee.

Each course page will outline the specific cancellation policy.

  is optional.


Our Course Offerings

Lead and Thrive

36+ hour BCC Approved Training

Do you need more CEUs and want an engaging course, at your own pace taken in your own space? BlueRio offers that.

Resilience, adaptability, quick pivots, drastic career changes, and thriving in the past 18 months have taken priority over so many other areas for your clients and maybe even you.

This course addresses the underpinnings of fostering resilience; sustainable and impactful leadership and how you as a coach can help your clients access this. 36+ CEs


Individual & the Family Dynamics

25 BCC Designed CEs

Life Map coaching aims at helping your clients design purposeful blueprints for living in a way that aligns with skills, strengths, values, visions, and purpose. As a coach, through this new course, you will:

Explore areas such as: Appreciating diversity within a social and family context, effective communications – all with a goal of moving an individual and family members to healthier, effective, and productive lives.

Ideal Impact:

  • Family Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Coaching other helping Professionals in areas such as:

         Adoption, Foster Care, Juvenile Justice, Education, Child-Care


4  5 HOURS

Become a Certified Life Map Coach!!

BlueRio’s Basic Ethics Review for BCC Coaches.

This 100% self-paced course offers a basic review regarding the Center for Credentialing and Education, Code of Ethics that are to be followed by Board – Certified Coaches. It is designed to meet the requirements of earning 4 CEUS + 1 (*Some insurance companies will offer discounts for 5 CEUs in ethics – so now offering a bonus 1 credit!)





Throughout the year we will offer no-fee courses, usually 1 – 3 credits

What is available now (June/July 2022) is Coaching Frameworks.


Cancellation and other policies.


BlueRio and its BlueRio Institute do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, sexual preference, gender identity, religious or spiritual affiliation, and national and ethnic origin in the administration of its admission procedures, grading and coaching.



Classroom Demeanor & Courtesy – Because students/participants may not share the same opinions in many courses, it is important that we remember to respect the opinions and ideas of others.  A platform of respect and conscientiousness for all is crucial in order to accomplish our goals.

We are not in any course to judge others for insight and opinions we do not share. Any harsh criticisms or demeaning behaviors will not be tolerated.  In addition BlueRio Strategies and its instructors have the right to remove any students who disobey the policies and procedures, are not willing to complete requirements and have not made attempts to remedy the situation of concern with representatives of BlueRio Strategies.


Any student/participant of BlueRio training courses has the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement, including issues of grades or material access.  Initial steps are outlined below:

The disagreement must be submitted in writing. The curriculum itself is non-refundable – however if a student has just cause to believe the curriculum that was delivered was NOT what was promoted or described, or if a grade is considered to be unfair the student may request a review.

BlueRio requires at least 72 hours to make an initial response and may need up to thirty days to offer any final resolution. It will be first presented to the volunteer board of advisors. If a resolution is not satisfactory to both parties, mediation will be considered.



You must begin your course within 30  – 45 days of purchase (depending on the course and track). Once you begin your course you have 14 – days trial. Should the curriculum/course not be a fit you may ask for a FULL refund. Requests must be made in writing and emailed or contact us for our mailing address.

*** if you enroll in the FREE preview course first, you will have 7 days from the time of entry into the full course to ask for a refund.

*** For customized programs, group enrollment and in-person/on-site training 14-day trial is not applicable, as well as 30-day start date.

(Scholarship students will have a different cancellation policy.)

If you cancel AFTER 14 days and before 31 days you will get a refund minus an administration fee of $50 for 30 & 36 hour track and minus $100 for a 60-hour track. (Unless you have enrolled in the preview course – then you have seven days.) Cancellation requests must be made in writing and emailed.

No refunds for any cancellations after 31 days. Funds may be rolled into other offerings such as one-on-one coaching or into a different training program. Emergency Cancellations and Refunds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.