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Life Map Coaching: Foundation & Focuses

BCC-Approved Coach Certification!

This course results in a certification as a Certfied Life Map Coach with a Focus. This counst as 60-hours of BCC Approved Training.

Self-Paced, Hybrid and Onsite

All tracks are approved to be delivered virtually as self-paced programs as well as to be delivered live, onsite or as a hybrid of virtual and in-person. At this time (June 2022) only virtual, on-demand programs are available. 

Currently Open-enrollment for 100% online, self-paced

Once you have mastered the core –you will choose one focus from those below: And this means the core is PART of the 60-hour course.


First learn the core foundation of professional life coaching – also called Life Map coaching and develop a deep sense of understanding about yourself as well as others in terms of designing purposeful blueprints for living in a way that aligns with skills, strengths, values, visions, and missions.

Then enhance your learning by additional lessons in one of the following four areas:

  • Individual and Family Dynamics
  • Personal Branding (on hold)
  • Mindfulness (On hold)
  •  Individual & the Family Dynamics focus = Explore areas such as: Appreciating diversity within a social and family context, effective communications – all with a goal of moving an individual and family members to healthier, effective, and productive lives.Ideal Impact:
    • Family Coaching
    • Life Coaching
    • Coaching other helping Professionals in areas such as:
      Adoption, Foster Care, Juvenile Justice, Education, Child-Care
      Benefits of the Program:


 Learn the foundation of professional life coaching – also called Life Map coaching and develop a deep sense of understanding about yourself as well as others in terms of designing purposeful blueprints for living in a way that aligns with skills, strengths, values, visions, and missions.

BlueRio’s IA Coaching Model™ utilizes theories and practical applications stemming from strength-based development, positive psychology, Interpersonal neurobiology as well as branding to assist support professionals and coaches in uncovering a client’s best possible self. It also sheds light on strategies and tools to help clients map out their lives with purpose, authenticity, and accountability.

Life Map Coaching lays a foundation for clients to design sustainable lives, based on identifying purpose and having an alignment with values and skills. It is also about deepening their ability to manage life’s ebbs and flows with assertiveness and confidence. This training has been developed to meet all core competencies that the Center for Credentialing and Education requires for those who wish to earn an ADDITIONAL designation as a Board Certified Coach. This is NOT a mandatory path, however, many choose to pursue it. You may learn more about this credential by clicking here.  

 Basic Overview of the Foundation: 

  • Coaching History & Definition of Coaching
  • Process of Screening and Orientation: client motivation level, informed consent, coach and client roles etc.
  • Ethical and Professional Practice in Coaching
    Codes of ethics, advocacy, understanding of professional practice of coaching
  • Fundamental Coaching Skills: Building a basic coaching alliance, creating coaching plans, facilitate client development of decision-making skills etc.
  • Assessments – Using formal and informal tools and inventories to examine clients’ strengths, and values,  Assist client in identifying issues that may influence the client’s goals (intro to neuroscience)

The core focus of the training is to inspire, educate and empower people to use coaching as a vehicle to assist others.

Course is open! $2500 Value for BCC Approved 60-hour – Launch Price is $1700 Through August 31, 2022

***At this time we are not sure when this course with ALL focuses will be available as we are fine-tuning a few lessons to be more relevant to 2022-2023 practitioners.  Our hope is that we can offer a virtual self-paced version no later than December – some Focuses May be available before others. The Individual and Family Dynamics Focus is open now!


General Course Objectives & Outcomes


Understand the foundations for professional coaching

Explore Core Competencies



Various coaching models and theories related to the foundation as well as any focus. 


More on Coaching

  • Ability to develop coaching plans
  • Craft coaching contracts
  • Test and refine personal style of coaching
  • Explore various models of coaching
  • Train and become certified as a BlueRio Life Map Coach [CLRC]

Emotional Regulation and Human Behavior

  • Knowledge of calming tools, techniques
  • Understand personal conflict modes and how to address conflict in other
  • Undertanding of motivation theories


  • Experience assessments: Style Matters, Leadership or Management Inventory
  • Ability to understand/support clients with assessments relative to the focus you choose. 


    • Free Listing on Future Coach Directory
    • One one-on-one feedback session with founder during the course
    • Even on-demand programs offer interaction with an instructor
    • Coaching Session with Founder After Graduation:
      • 60-hour track: Three sessions [value $600]
    •  60 & 120 hours BCC-Approved Training for Credential or CEUs
    • Digital certificate
    • Paper certificate (optional)
    • Digital badge (optional)
    • No recertification fees


    Program Lessons

    Lessons Overview: (This is NOT an exhaustive list and does not substitute for the full syllabus.)

    Family Dynamics Focus:

    • In addition to the Foundation Lessons: 
    • Family Systems Theory  (overview)
    • Communication Lesson
    • Things that affect family dynamics – finance, education, employment Cultural Diversity, etc.
    • Problem-Solving
    • Values

    Personal Branding Focus:

    • In addition the Foundation Lessons: 
    • History of branding/What is a personal brand
    • IACCE lesson
    • Using SOAR or SWOT for Strategy Building,
    •  Surveys to help measure others’ perception
    • Creating a Platform for Messaging of Personal Brand


    Mindfulness and IPNB Focus:


    • In addition to the Foundation Lessons:
    • Brain, IPNB & Domains of Integration
    • Wheel of awareness
      Mindfulness (Basic)
    • Practices to take Clients through to Utilize Mindfulness in Coaching



    Requirements for 60-Hour Track


    Either One-one-One role-play with instructor: Two, 45-minute virtual sessions or send in 1 – 2 recorded calls with client or peer  – min 20 minutes, maximum 60 minutes each.

    Exams: You must pass three exams (coaching, communication, and conflict, final)Client Coaching: You are required to demonstrate proof of 8 hours of client coachingAdditional Assignments:Discussion Posts:  Answers/posting to a minimum of 8 discussion topic posts (12 available from which to choose)

    Homework Assignments:

      1. Four Separate Assignments (Wheel of Life, Strengths, Priority, Planning)
      2. Approximately 3 additional interactive/experiential assignments related to a specific focus
      3. Submit signed Code of Ethics
      4. Submit proof of coaching form

    +++You will have to also have proof of additional coaching hours per CCE if you intend to apply for board certification. See their requirements here.

    This course counts as 30-hours for the BCC.


    Course Tracks

    100% Online, On-Demand

    Individual & Family Dynamics

    14-day trial period.

    Introductory cost at $1997 for the 60-hour version – online self-study. $1700 until August 31, 2022 (scholarship form below enrollment area)

    $1997        $1700


    BCC-Approved 60-hour Coach Certification, Individual & Family Dynamics
    Price: $1,700.00

    BCC-Approved 60-hour Coach Certification, Individual & Family Dynamics – 1 OF 3 PAYMENTS
    Price: $566.66

    Center for Credentialing and Education

    CCE Board Certified Coach




    After enrolling/purchasing, you enter your course within 45 days of purchase. If you cancel within your 14-day trial period, which begins when you enroll and enter your course you will get a full refund. Cancellation requests must be made in writing and emailed.

    *** For customized programs, group enrollment , in-person/on-site training ans scholarships,  14-day trial is not applicable, as well as 45-day start date. 

    Exceptions may be made for emergencies within a 30-day window. No refunds for any cancellations after 31 days. Funds may be rolled into other offerings such as one-on-one coaching or into a different training program.


    Policies and Procedures